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Easy peasy tuna fishcakes kids love!


These are cheap quick and tasty, plus they help give your kids omega three found in oily fish, fibre and vitamins!
1. Boil potatoes, drain and leave to dry out. Cook the peas and sweetcorn.
2. In a blender put the potatoes peas and sweetcorn and blend till pureed, empty into bowl.
3. Mix in the tuna cheese and salt, form into round burger sized cakes, dip in the egg then breadcrumbs and shallow fry till golden brown.


2 tins tuna

3 large potatoes, diced

1 handful sweetcorn

1 handful peas

1 handful grated cheddar cheese

1 egg, to bind

Breadcrumbs (dry or fresh) to coat

1 egg, whisked to coat

1 level tbsp salt

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