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An update on how we’re doing – 2020

To say 2020’s been a challenging year would be an understatement. The impact of Covid-19 has been felt far and wide across our community and others, in terms of job losses, financial instability and increased food poverty.

Early on, we were determined that Farm Fresh Revolution would do all they could to provide tangible support to their network of hubs and extended families. By putting extra deliveries on the road throughout the first lockdown and school holidays, they were able to support so many of their families in feeding themselves and their children. They were astounded by the support from staff across their schools, they were integral to FFR’s success, sometimes even delivering food in their own cars to shielding families.

So, we felt it was time to celebrate what we’ve all achieved by pulling together. Here’s an outline of what Farm Fresh Revolution delivered to August 2020. We couldn’t do any of it without our generous suppliers and volunteers.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

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